5 Bold Predictions for Avengers: Infinity War

The day is very nearly here. The culmination of an 18 movie, 10 year journey is less than three weeks from release. As soon as a project of this magnitude is announced, what is the one thing everyone always immediately begins to do? Speculate. And with a universe as expansive as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more so, the entire Marvel Universe as a whole, the speculation is endless until the final product is delivered. From fan theories to simple educated guesses, Avengers 3 is surrounded by a whirlwind of both. So, here is my contribution to the speculation storm; these are my 5 bold(ish) predictions for Avengers: Infinity War. WARNING: While this post does not contain any confirmed spoilers for IW, it does include spoilers for a number of previous MCU movies, as well as the comic books.

5. The Sovereign will have the Soul Stone

The popular theory going around is that the Soul Stone was in the vibranium meteorite that crashed in Wakanda, and that they are the ones with the Soul Stone. However, my prediction is that it will be revealed, in some way or another, that The Sovereign have had the Soul Stone the entire time. In a post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we see a disheveled Ayesha reveal a large, golden cocoon, containing her ‘perfect creation’ which she says she will call ‘Adam’. This is clearly a direct reference to Adam Warlock, who, in the comics, has the Soul Stone placed in his forehead. The GotG2 story differs a bit from the comic books though, where Adam Warlock, originally dubbed ‘Him’, is created by a group known as the Enclave to be…a ‘perfect creation.’ When Warlock leaves after claiming his power is too great, the Enclave creates ‘Her’, also known as ‘Kismet’ or ‘Ayesha’. So, while I don’t think Adam Warlock will be in Avengers: Infinity War, I do believe that Thanos will discover in his hunt for the Infinity Stones that the ever-elusive Soul Stone will be in the hands of Ayesha and The Sovereign, not in Wakanda.

4. Stormbreaker was given to Thor by Beta Ray Bill

For those of you who read the comics and caught the Thor: Ragnarok easter egg, you know that the MCU has acknowledged Beta Ray Bill, an odd-looking alien who is able to lift Mjolnir. I didn’t want to delve too deeply into the comics in this article, despite many of my predictions being based off of them, because I could easily make this the longest article you’ve ever read. No worries though, I will keep it concise. Basically, Beta Ray Bill is an ally to Thor whose signature weapon of choice is a hammer called Stormbreaker. Through the release of Infinity War-labeled toys, we are almost guaranteed to see Stormbreaker, especially since Mjolnir was destroyed by Thor’s evil older sister, Hela. The question is though, how would Thor obtain Stormbreaker? My prediction? Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy pay a little visit to Thor’s friend, Beta Ray Bill. Could he play a slighter larger role in the movie? He could, but I think his appearance will just be a brief visit with the God of Thunder (not the God of Hammers).

3. Nova and (maybe) Moon Knight make their MCU debuts

We know from the trailers that Thanos has the purple Power Stone, which is the one that Peter Quill and his crew used to stop Ronan on Xandar, which is the home of the Nova Corps. Now, the (brief) story of Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova is that he was visited by Rhomann Dey, the only survivor of Xandar’s Nova Corps, who gave him the power of a Nova Centurion. He then helped fight a war on Xandar against the Skrull Empire (who we will likely be introduced to in Captain Marvel) before returning to Earth. Now, if Thanos has the Power Stone, there is a good chance he destroyed all of Xandar to get it, setting up Nova’s backstory quite perfectly. But, where does Moon Knight fit into all of this. Well, Steve Rodgers creates a black-ops group of Avengers to complete missions that the more well known Avengers couldn’t possibly carry out in the public eye after the Sokovia Accords. Who are two of the people in this Secret Avengers group? Nova and Moon Knight.

2. No one dies…except Pepper

Oh boy, is Tony going to be sad…and angry. After seeing a teary-eyed Tony in one of the IW clips, many have speculated as to what made him so upset. What would make Tony more upset than if Pepper died? His assistant-turned boss-turned girlfriend is the one thing he cares about most. Also, Pepper dying could mean some serious Avengers 3 and 4 rage, but also, it could lead to Tony Stark’s exit, possibly citing that he can’t bear to have any other deaths on his conscience. He was already scarred by the Scarlett Witch, who plagued him with visions of walking amongst his dead Avenger friends, and that was almost enough to send him off. If Pepper does in fact bite the bullet in Avengers 3, I think it could be a fitting moment that sees Stark into retirement and/or having someone else wear the suit (Ironheart?). As for the first portion of this prediction? I truly don’t believe any of the main heroes will die, at least not in Avengers 3. Avengers 4, maybe. But I’ll save that for another list in the future.

1. The House of M

Read any article about the Scarlet Witch and you will see that I am very clearly not the only one who thinks Wanda will be, quite possibly, the most integral part of Infinity War. Now, for the House of M to work, we will need to see some X-Men, and more specifically, Magneto and Professor X. Given the details of the Disney-Fox deal, it is very unlikely for this to happen in IW, but the seeds can always be planted for Avengers 4. What would cause such a complete unhinging of the Scarlett Witch? The Vision’s death. She already was a bit unstable after the death of her brother and the aftermath of her encounter with Rumlow. In the comics, Wanda gives birth to twins with her husband, The Vision, next to her. It turns out that Wanda is warping reality to make these events seem real. Afterwards, they basically discuss whether they should kill her or not, etc. Without getting into it all, Wanda basically becomes completely unhinged, warping reality at her will and causing lots of problems. If The Vision dies in IW, this could be used perfectly for her to completely lose it, introducing the story of The House of M. We just need the X-Men characters.

Agree or disagree with any of these predictions? Do you have any predictions of your own? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, thank you for reading!

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