MLB Weekly Power Rankings (4/8 – 4/14)

#1: Los Angeles Angels (13-3)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Welcome to the Shohei Ohtani show! Oh yeah, Mike Trout is there too. He’s pretty good.

#2: Boston Red Sox (12-2)

Previous Week: — Change: —

I keep forgetting they have JD Martinez. Monster-clearing taters inbound.

#3: Arizona Diamondbacks (11-3)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Goldie is starting to catch fire, and they absolutely own the Dodgers in the regular season.

#4: New York Mets (11-2)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Man, if their rotation/bullpen can stay healthy, look out. Shades of 2015, anyone?

#5: Houston Astros (10-5)

Previous Week: — Change: —

The acquisition of Gerrit Cole is paying dividends already. 36 K’s in 21 innings? Sign me up.

#6: Pittsburgh Pirates (10-4)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Taillon is dealing and you can’t argue with 10-4, just don’t expect it continue for too much longer.

#7: Cleveland Indians (8-6)

Previous Week: — Change: —

They sit at 8-6 despite a nearly lineup-wide slump. This is a very good team. Wait until they start to hit.

#8: Toronto Blue Jays (9-5)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Another overachieving team, in my opinion, that won’t sit up at #8 for too long. Solarte has been a good pickup though.

#9: Atlanta Braves (8-6)

Previous Week: — Change: —

I can’t be the only one on the Ozzie Albies bandwagon. This guy looks like a stud. Him and Swanson will be fun to watch.

#10: Seattle Mariners (8-4)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Daniel Vogelbach is a large, baseball-mashing man, but this team needs their pitching to keep up.

#11: Minnesota Twins (7-4)

Previous Week: — Change: —

If Joe Mauer can bat .412 all season, they might be ok. Buxton needs to get going, but I feel like we’ve been saying that for a while now.

#12: Philadelphia Phillies (8-5)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Not the best start for Kapler, to say the least. If Arrieta can be decent and Hoskins can mash, they might be alright.

#13: Washington Nationals (7-8)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Everyone expects them to win their division, and they probably will. Harper is on fire, they just had a poorly-timed losing streak.

#14: New York Yankees (7-7)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Stanton is on pace for a record-setting 7,000 strikeouts. Ok, not quite, but fear not Yankee fans, your team will mash and they will be just fine.

#15: Chicago Cubs (7-7)

Previous Week: — Change: —

The Cubs are not a .500 team. They are better than that, but not much. For now, they are middle of the pack.

#16: St. Louis Cardinals (8-7)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Average. Average. Average. Molina has been a nice surprise, but their bullpen is eh. I expect them to float right around what they are now.

#17: Colorado Rockies (8-8)

Previous Week: — Change: —

8-8 and they haven’t been scoring those Coors Field-type numbers. Give it time.

#18: San Francisco Giants (6-8)

Previous Week: — Change: —

McCutcheon has been a nice grab, huh? Too bad Longoria is terribly overrated. He was the best player on a bad, bad team.

#19: Milwaukee Brewers (8-7)

Previous Week: — Change: —

I don’t really love anything about this team, except lefty reliever Josh Hader. He is nasty. Like, really, really, nasty.

#20: Los Angeles Dodgers (4-9)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Talk about a team that isn’t what their record says. They have looked horrendous, but fear not, they will rebound.

#21: Oakland Athletics (5-10)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Manaea has been filthy. Unfortunately, the A’s just don’t have the firepower to keep up.

#22: Baltimore Orioles (5-10)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Aside from Dylan Bundy, does anyone on the O’s jump out at you? They have some pieces, but not enough for the AL East.

#23: Texas Rangers (5-11)

Previous Week: — Change: —

The Rangers need to move to the NL. I want to see Bartolo Colon hit again.

#24: San Diego Padres (6-10)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Padres have been scoring runs, more so at least then their record suggests. Oh, and Hosmer is overrated.

#25: Chicago White Sox (4-8)

Previous Week: — Change: —

That Adam Eaton deal doesn’t look so bad now, does it? The White Sox are fun, but not very good.

#26: Detroit Tigers (4-9)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Miggy’s slump carries on, but for some reason, I’m not surprised. I’m not sure why.

#27: Kansas City Royals (3-10)

Previous Week: — Change: —

I really like Jake Junis. He could be special. The team? Not so special. It’s rebuild time in KC.

#28: Cincinnati Reds (2-12)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Castillo hasn’t been good, but he will be. The Reds are just going to have trouble scoring him runs.

#29: Tampa Bay Rays (3-11)

Previous Week: — Change: —

Is Archer good but the team drags him down, or is he just very average? I’m thinking the latter. Anyways, the Rays are bad.

#30: Miami Marlins (4-10)

Previous Week: — Change: —

It’s bad that 4-10 is a pleasant surprise. This team is truly awful.

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